9th PPHSN Coordinating Body Meeting

The 9th meeting of the PPHSN Coordinating Body (CB), with the new composition of the CB core membership, was held before the regional EpiNet and LabNet workshops, in Suva, Fiji Islands, from 29 to 30 August 2003.

The focuses of this CB meeting were the briefing of the new PPHSN-CB members and the preparation of the First Regional EpiNet Workshop.

The briefing session of the new CB members was done by way of a detailed presentation on the history, structure, terms of reference and activities of the PPHSN and PPHSN-CB.

Then the CB members went through the minutes and Plan of Action developed during the 8th PPHSN-CB meeting to review and evaluate the progress made in the last 12 months.

After that, they moved quickly on to the preparation of the EpiNet workshop. This session was crucial for the smooth running of the workshop the following week. The group reviewed the provisional agenda item by item. They identified and shared the agenda items that still needed to be developed by the CB, by means of small-group work. Subsequently, the different groups presented and discussed the result of their work with the rest of the CB members. Those were two very active and productive days. The CB members decided that a proper Strategic Plan for the PPHSN should be developed during, and be one of the major outputs of, the EpiNet and LabNet workshops.

The meeting also included discussion and debriefing of recent meetings; global, regional and national initiatives; and funding issues.

New PPHSN-CB members

As from the 9th PPHSN-CB meeting, the PPHSN-CB welcomes four new members as the sub-regional representation has all changed. The Public Health Surveillance and Communicable Disease Control Section of SPC Public Health Programme, in its capacity as PPHSN-CB Focal Point, circulated the seven nominations to all PPHSN core members for their information, comments, and endorsement. Here is the summary of the results of this initial renewal of the PPHSN-CB.

First, the Directors of Health of all PICTs were requested to nominate one representative by sub-region.

The final result of these nominations is as follows (by sub-region):

  • Melanesia: Vanuatu, with Mr Len Tarivonda
  • Micronesia: Palau, with Dr Stevenson Kuartei
  • Polynesia: Tonga, with Dr Seini Kupu
  • French-speaking: Wallis and Futuna, with Dr Jean-François Yvon

Then, after this selection, the members of the existing CB have selected three other representatives “at large” among the remaining other nominations received from the Directors of Health, taking mostly into account the continuity factor as the above-selected sub-regional representatives were all new to the CB.

The result of the selection amongst the remaining nominations for the three “at large” seats is as follows:

  • Solomon Islands, with Dr Dennie Iniakwala
  • Fiji Islands, with Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa
  • New Caledonia, with Dr Jean-Paul Grangeon

As mentioned above, according to the existing procedures of CB renewal:

  • two sub-regional seats and one “at large” seat (as well as one allied-member seat) will be subject to renewal again in 2004, and every three years thereafter, and
  • the two other sub-regional seats and the two other “at large” seats (as well as two allied-member seats) will be subject to renewal again in 2005, and every three years thereafter.

The PPHSN, the CB and the CB Focal Point would like to thank again the former CB members for their excellent contributions and continuous support.

Faafetai lava to Namulauulu Dr Nu’ualofa Tu’u’au-Potoi from Samoa
Many thanks to Mr Amato Elymore from the Federated States of Micronesia