Directory of PPHSN Resources 
2010 Edition





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Allied members

Other partners

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Other PPHSN partners   - This list is not exhaustive. Our sincere apologies to
                                                        those not included on the list yet.

Names in alphabetical order

Dr Greg Dever, Palau Area Health Education Center / Palau Community College

Dr John Elliot, Pacific Paramedical Training Center, New Zealand

Dr Mark Keim, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention /
                          Pacific Emergency Health Initiative

Dr Mahomed Patel, Visiting Fellow to ANU, associated with PPHSN
                                 since its founding in 1996

WHO contact (additionally to the persons mentioned in the allied members section)

Dr Raul Bonifacio, World Health Organization, Suva Office



Compiled by the PPHSN Coordinating Body Focal Point: SPC's Public Health Surveillance
& Communicable Disease Control Section. Email: [email protected] SPC 2010.