Call for papers

Call for papers for Pacific Health Dialog
issue to be published in September 2005
Theme: Public Health Surveillance in the Pacific

Within the framework of the PPHSN, the Public Health Surveillance and Communicable Disease Control Section of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) is coordinating the publication of one issue of the Pacific Health Dialog (PHD) to be published in September 2005.

The focus of this issue will be on Public Health Surveillance in the Pacific. Papers on communicable disease and noncommunicable disease surveillance, health information systems, epidemiology of diseases or research on exposures/aetiology, morbidity, mortality, service utilisation or evidence-based practice in the Pacific are welcome.

We would like to encourage PPHSN members and partners to contribute to this special issue on Public Health Surveillance. The deadline for contributions to this issue is 30 June 2005.

We are accepting contributions in the form of:

  • original articles
  • brief communications and case reports
  • review articles
  • viewpoints and perspectives
  • letters
  • book reviews, and
  • organisational news and information.

Please forward all submissions as soon as possible to:

Public Health Surveillance & Communicable Disease Control Section
SPC Public Health Programme
Focal Point Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network (PPHSN) Coordinating Body
Ph.: (687) 26 20 00; Fax: (687) 26 38 18 email: [email protected]
Contact persons :
Dr. Tom Kiedrzynski [email protected]
Dr. Narendra Singh [email protected]
Mr. Tim Sladden [email protected]
Mrs. Elise Benyon [email protected]
Ms Christelle Lepers [email protected]

You will find general information about the PHD and general information for authors on the PHD website:

Should you have any question or need further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.