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Asia-Pacific Dengue Prevention Board meeting on laboratory diagnostics

In 2007, Dr Tom Kiedrzynski, Epidemiologist at SPC, was invited to become a member of the Asia-Pacific Dengue Prevention Board (APDPB). He participated in the APDPB meeting on laboratory diagnostics that took place in Bangkok on 1–2 December 2007.

APDPB, a technical and international forum, was created in 2006 and is an important resource for dengue-related matters.

Dr Kiedrzynski presented on the dengue situation in the Pacific Island region and PPHSN members’ initiatives in preventing and controlling the disease, with a special focus on LabNet activities in this area. At meeting discussions he advocated strongly for public health surveillance and response, pointing out to the board members the important role of laboratory testing in the Pacific Islands context, where dengue evolves by outbreaks.

The Pacific Island region was also represented at the meeting by Dr Greg Dever, Director of the Bureau of Hospital and Clinical Services at the Ministry of Health in Palau, and Australia by Dr Jeffrey Hanna, Public Health Physician at the Tropical Population Health Unit in Queensland.

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