Inform’ACTION # 10

December 2001

Printed version (PDF, 342KB)



  • What we need are ICTs… for ICsT: Information, communication, coordination and training!
    Dr. Yvan Souarès (PDF file, 51 KB)


  • Leptospirosis in the Northern Mariana Islands
    Joseph Kevin Villagomez, Dr. Richard Brostrom, Edward P. Diaz, John Tagabuel, Farhana Habib (PDF file, 99 KB)
  • Infectious diseases in French Polynesia in 2001 – Leptospirosis
    Dr. Bruno Hubert (PDF file, 47 KB)
  • Recommended reading on Leptospirosis (PDF file, 43 KB)


ICT and Distance Education

  • ICT and Distance Education for Pacific Islands health workers
    Dr Tom Kiedrzynski, Christelle Lepers (PDF file, 61 KB)


  • Training Module in Analytical Epidemiology – ready for implementation
    Dr. Kevin Carroll (PDF file, 44 KB)
  • First EpiNet sub-regional workshop in Micronesia (PDF file, 61 KB)

In Brief