Inform’ACTION # 15

September 2003

Printed version (PDF, 581KB)



  • Learning lessons from epidemics, especially the SARS experience
    Tom Kiedrzynski, Rob Condon and Alain Berlioz-Arthaud (PDF, 17 KB)


Surveillance and Response

  • SARS: Samoa’s Experience
    Dr Nu’ualofa Tu’u’au-Potoi (PDF, 28 KB)
  • Surveillance Experience – South Pacific Games – Fiji Islands 2003
    Dr Salanieta Saketa (PDF, 15 KB)
  • Rubella Epidemic in Samoa
    Dr Nu’ualofa Tu’u’au-Potoi (PDF, 37 KB)
  • NCD Surveillance within the planning and operations of the PPHSN
    Dr Jan Pryor, Dr Maximilian de Courten and Dr Rob Condon (PDF, 20 KB)


  • Tonga Commitment to Promote Healthy Lifestyles and Supportive Environment
    Dr Mark Jacobs
  • Results of Inform’ACTION Survey (PDF, 32 KB)