12th meeting of the PPHSN Coordinating Body

The 12th meeting of the PPHSN Coordinating Body (CB) (with the new members) took place in Noumea, at IRD (Institut de Recherche et de développment) from Tuesday 4 July (starting at 1:30 pm) to Friday 7 July, 2006


  1. Welcome & Election of a Chairperson for the 12th CB meeting.
  2. Meeting’s agenda and timetable
  3. Updates: PPHSN ‘standard’ presentation for CB members’ use and reference.
  4. PPHSN allied membership and PPHSN-CB renewal
  5. Review of progress since 11th PPHSN-CB meeting, incl. debriefing from:
    1. recent meetings and
    2. global, regional and national initiatives:
      PICT surveillance developments
      Pandemic influenza (incl. avian flu) preparedness
  6. Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Project
    1. Presentation
    2. Role of the PPHSN-CB and ISG: discussion
  7. Training/EpiNet team capacity building
    1. Workforce development
    2. Short course
  8. PPHSN publications, incl. the Directory of resources
  9. Projects:
    1. Influenza lab-based surveillance project
    2. Leptospirosis surveillance project report
    3. Dengue-related initiatives
    4. Water testing
    5. HIV surveillance (incl. ADB)
    6. Health-related surveys
    7. MDG framework
    8. Information database @ SPC
    9. IHR and PPHSN – Role of PPHSN mechanisms in IHR implementation. Discussion–especially on PacNet-restricted: role and membership.
    10. Workplan 2004-2006, where are at? Report and next steps.
    11. Way forward with the PPHSN Strategic Framework
    12. Closure

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    List of Participants
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