PHD Telehealth issue

Telehealth in the Pacific
Volume 7. Number 2. September 2000

Pacific Health Dialog is published twice a year and is supported by the Pacific Health Programme (Division of Maori and Pacific Health, University of Auckland), the Fiji School of Medicine (FSM), the Pacific Basin Medical Association (PBMA), the Micronesian Human Resource Center (MHRDC) and the Pacific Health Research Council (PHRCouncil). The views and opinions expressed in PHD do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial staff, Advisory Board or their support organisations.

PHD Team:
Editor Sitaleki A. Finau, MBBS, FAFPHM, FACTM

PHD Manager Peter Biggs, BSc.

Associate Editor
Rex Hunton, MBChB, FRACP
Greg J. Dever, MD, FAAP
Annette Sachs–Robertson, DSM, MPH, PhD

FSM Editor Wame Baravilala, MBChB, FRCOG

MHRDC Editor Jan Pryor, DO, MPH

PBMA Editor Victor Yano, MD

PHRC Editor John Adams, MBChB, MPH

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This issue is edited and sponsored with the support of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). It is based on the updated proceedings of the Pacific Telehealth Conference which was co-organised in December 1998 by the Pacific Basin Medical Association (PBMA) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) [Link to the Conference Report]. A year before that, SPC and the PBMA had respectively founded the first two telehealth regional applications: PACNET and the Western Pacific HealthNet (WPHNet), both born in April 1997. The aim of the conference was to gather health professionals from all over the Pacific, in particular from the Pacific Islands, to exchange information about telehealth advances and prospects in relation to health services delivery and development. All the conference contributions are included in this publication, together with an extensive bibliography and a dozen abstracts.

This issue:
Editors Yvan Souares and Tom Kierdrzynski, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Noumea, New Caledonia. Sitaleki A. Finau, Pacific Health Programme, Division of Maori and Pacific Health, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Editorial Assistance Mina Vilayleck, Ginette Soehadi, Christelle Lepers at SPC.

Financial Assistance Secretariat of the Pacific Community with the support of the French Government. We are grateful for their support.


Guest Editorials

Yvan Souarès (PDF version)
Victor Yano (PDF version)

Telehealth in the Pacific

Telehealth in the Pacific islands: a perspective and update from the Fiji School of Medicine
Jan Pryor, Wame Baravilala, Charles Katoanga    (PDF version)

Telehealth and outbreak prevention and control: the foundations and advances of the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network 
Yvan Souarès   (PDF version)  

Pacific Island Health Care Project: early experiences with a web-based consultation and referral network
Donald A Person  (PDF version)  

The role of the Picasso phone system in distance consultation for remote Pacific islands
Victor M Yano  (PDF version

Telemedicine in the Federated States of Micronesia
David Rutstein  (PDF version

Teleconsultations in Pohnpei State: a case in Federated States of Micronesia
Johnny S Hedson. (PDF version)

Telemedicine in Majuro Hospital, Marshall Islands
Kamal J Gunawardane.  (PDF version)

Health and Telecast: a milestone for Tonga into the 21st Century
Seini T V Kupu. (PDF version)

Proposed New Caledonia Telemedicine network
Catherine Merzeau  (PDF version)

Experience and hopes for telehealth in Tokelau
Peter Adam. (PDF version)

Distance Education in the Pacific

The role of low cost communications in health in the redevelopment of the indigenous physician workforce among selected jurisdictions of the US-associated Pacific Islands
Gregory Dever  (PDF version)

Distance learning in the public health workplace
Mahomed Patel  (PDF version)

Distance education: strategies for maintaining relationships
Peter Hill  (PDF version)

Service-oriented training in public health: a model for enhancing public health surveillance in the Pacific
Mahomed Patel (PDF version)

The community in the classroom: designing a distance education community health course for nurses in Solomon Islands
Maggie Kenyon, Christopher Chevalier, Verlyn Gagahe, Rosie Sisiolo   (PDF version)

Distance nursing education in Micronesia
Maureen M Fochtman  (PDF version)

Fiji School of Medicine Diploma and Masters programmes 
Tom Fiddes (PDF version)

Proposing continuing medical education for the Pacific
Marc Shaw  (PDF version)

Regional training in public health surveillance: how far are we? An SPC perspective
Tom Kiedrzynski   (PDF version)

Telecommunications and Pacific Health

The Pacific Islands Internet Project (PIIP) in UNDP, Suva
Mark Borg  (PDF version)

The Communication Enhancement Through Telecommunication (ComET) project
Al Blake  (PDF version)

TongaSat: its obligation to Tonga and the Pacific region
Lucy Anna Tupou, Seini Kupu  (PDF version)

Literature searching and document delivery: organisational issues
Mark Perkins.  (PDF version)

Internet health resources
Arlene Cohen, Patricia Sheehan (PDF version)

Other Themes

Research imperialism in Pacific health: the case of Tonga (1966 – 1997)
Sitaleki A Finau, ‘Eseta Finau, Malakai ‘Ofanoa  (PDF version)

Pacific Health Research Council: health research by and for Pacificans
Jan Pryor, Sitaleki A Finau, Colin Tukuitonga (PDF version)

A method for active surveillance of selected communicable diseases
Michael J O’Leary  (PDF version)

Dengue surveillance in the Pacific Islands
Rob Condon, George Taleo, Tony Stewart, Tony Sweeney, Tom Kiedrzynski.  (PDF version)

Monolingual monologue: regional issues of professional communication from Pacific Health Dialog
Sitaleki A Finau, Gregory J Dever, Eseta Finau, Victor Yano  (PDF version)

Journal Abstracts and Telehealth References

Yvan Souarès, Tom Kiedrzynski   (PDF version)

Book Reviews
Greg and Renguul Joshua Dever  (PDF version)

From the Editor

Sitaleki A Finau  (PDF version)