PPHSN Guidelines for Influenza Preparedness & Control and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness – 2005

You can either download the complete Guidelines at one go (PDF, 1.2 MB) or separately (part by part):
Part I : Guidelines for Influenza Preparedness and Control (PDF, 774 KB)
Part II : Guidelines for Influenza Pandemic Preparedness (PDF, 804 KB)

This document was prepared by Dr Seini Kupu in consultation with the PPHSN Influenza Specialist Group (ISG).

© Copyright SPC 2005 – Published by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community with financial assistance from France and NZAID (through PREPARE Project).

Important Note: This document was developed in 2004 using the pandemic phases published by WHO in 1999. Since then, WHO published new pandemic phases in 2005. The publication with the new phases in entitled WHO global influenza preparedness plan. To facilitate the comparison between the two classifications, WHO prepared a table of comparison that we have adapted for an easier use (word document, 42 KB). This table has already been shared with PICTs’ Departments of Health and explained on PacNet.