PacNet, the discussion list of the PPHSN is primarily meant to serve for outbreak alert to trigger preparedness. It is also the main PPHSN media for wider communication and coordination.

How to subscribe?

Send a message to [email protected]

How to post messages on the list?

PacNet is a forum for communication regarding public health emergencies, including those of international concern. PacNet thus assists in implementing the International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) in PICTs.

If an outbreak occurs, a message must be posted very quickly on PacNet – even if not all the information listed below is available – in order to warn health professionals in the region about the potential threat and to encourage preparedness.

Please address the message to [email protected] and use the following format:

Outbreak description:

  • Causative (or suspected) agent
  • # of cases: total, severe and fatal
  • Time/Place/Person:
    • Period of time involved, daily or weekly incidence
    • Geographical distribution and spreading (where it started and its progress over time)
    • Age and sex breakdown (& other if relevant: e.g. profession)
  • Case definition used and clinical particularities, if any
  • Diagnostic methods, # of samples tested, laboratory involved
  • Prevailing epidemiological pattern: endemic or epidemic, recent epidemiological history

Measures taken or considered:

  • Additional testing
  • Further investigation (source, risk factors)
  • Public health measures (e.g. immunisation strategy, patient and contact management, vector control, water and food safety)

Additional resources needed to confirm/monitor/control the outbreak (if any):

  • Reference laboratory assistance
  • Technical advice or assistance (e.g. regional epidemic situation, immunisation strategies,
    epidemiological expertise, guidelines for patient management or vector control, protocols for
    sample taking and shipment)
  • Material assistance (e.g. vaccines, drugs, bednets, insecticides, health promotion materials)


PacNet-Lab is an appended list of PacNet, the communication tool of the PPHSN. PacNet-Lab was created for the development of LabNet, the public health laboratory network, and includes laboratory health professionals from the region, as well as the Coordinating Body members. This list is used to share lab-specific information.

Subscription: Laboratory health professionals from the Pacific region can subscribe to PacNet-Lab, by sending an e-mail message to: [email protected].