CB Focal Point

The PPHSN Coordinating-Body focal point

SPC has been designated Focal Point for communications and other necessary ongoing support functions.

PPHSN-CB Focal Point roles and responsibilities

The major roles and responsibilities of the PPHSN-CB Focal Point are to support the functions of the PPHSN-CB by:

  • Providing a Secretariat function for the PPHSN-CB,
  • Organizing PPHSN-related meetings,
  • Transmitting the results of PPHSN-related meetings to the membership and other appropriate entities,
  • Representing the PPHSN at conferences and meetings, and
  • Making sure minimum resources are available to at least support secretariat functions and information dissemination, which includes PacNet.

Other CB members might also undertake these roles from time to time.