In Brief 2

Pacific Paramedical Training Centre – Training courses 2008

The following training courses will be held at the Pacific Paramedical Training Centre (PPTC) in Wellington, New Zealand, during 2008. In addition to these formal courses, PPTC can arrange placements in appropriate laboratories for specialised or refresher training programmes in any medical laboratory science discipline.

PPTC has been operating for over 25 years in the region. It has been designated by the World Health Organization as a Collaborating Centre for external quality assessment and training in health laboratory services. It is also an active PPHSN member, contributing to the development of LabNet.

Haematology and Blood Cell Morphology – April 2008
This course will provide trainees with guidelines for the objective microscopic evaluation of white cells, red cells and platelets in both health and disease. Trainees will learn to correlate the blood film findings with results obtained from manual and/or automated methods for red and white cell parameters. The origin of all blood cells will be discussed from the common stem cell through all stages of development. The course is designed to give trainees confidence in the examination of blood films and to teach them how to recognise the abnormal findings in common blood cell disorders.

Blood Bank Technology – September 2008
This course will include units of study covering the theoretical and practical aspects of the following topics: routine blood grouping, blood group antigens, crossmatch techniques, antibody detection, transfusion reactions, haemolytic diseases of newborns, screening blood for infectious agents, blood donor selection, organisation of a blood bank, and the appropriate use of blood components in transfusion medicine.

Online distance learning courses
Early in 2008 a Laboratory Management and Quality Systems course will be available to senior laboratory staff through the Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN) WHO website, and throughout the year other courses will also be offered utilising this website. It is anticipated that PPTC will repeat the five modules leading to the Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology and in addition other courses are being planned for offering through the POLHN website. Check with your POLHN Country Coordinator and the POLHN website to keep up to date with these courses.

For further information, contact: PPTC, PO Box 7013, Wellington, New Zealand – Tel: +64 4 389 6294, fax: +64 4 389 6295, email: [email protected] – or visit the PPTC website: