New Initiative

Pacific Vector Network (PVN)

The Pacific Vector Network (PVN), a new initiative under the PPHSN was launched in Honolulu, Hawai’i in June 2023. The PVN is comprised of vector-borne disease (VBD) control practitioners including environmental health officers, entomologists, epidemiologists, researchers, scientists, and academicians coming together to facilitate and promote the expansion of vector surveillance and control capacity across PICTs. The network aims to provide a sustainable regional mechanism to coordinate and upscale the vector management activities of PICTs, and to ensure that initiatives are appropriately tailored to the needs and priorities of PICTs. The network is supported by a Secretariat comprised of the three regional organizations: the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pacific Island Health Officers’ Association (PIHOA), and the Pacific Community (SPC).


  1. To maintain a network of and for PICTs that addresses regional priorities to strengthen vector surveillance and control;
  2. To support PICTs in planning and implementing effective vector management, including preparedness, prevention and response to outbreaks of vector-borne diseases;
  3. To strengthen advocacy and communication for evidence-based vector surveillance and control in PICTs;
  4. To coordinate and formalize knowledge and experience sharing on vector management between PICTs, and key partners in the Pacific region;
  5. To coordinate or deliver capacity building initiatives including partnering, mentoring, and training to develop vector management expertise;
  6. To coordinate technical assistance to and between PICTs, including through academic and research institutes, NGOs and private sector.

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